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Balloon Blast Water Shooting Game (4 Players - Standard style)

Balloon Blast Water Shooting Game (4 Players - Standard style)
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    Balloon Blast Water Game (4 Players - Standard style)Our 4 player water shooting game lets you spray n race a few different ways depending on the model you choose. PartyRental models, Park Models and Trailer Models available. OUR WATER SHOOTING GAMES are available as a pro series game or as a rental game. The pro series games are 8 players and up and have the ability to have computer control which allows 1. Auto Start, Auto Stop (when the balloon breaks), auto deflate, controls for each water gun (on/off water), Counter for how many games, counter for how many players for the day and more. The rental version has manual deflate, manual bell, 1 water control for the whole game.

    More Sizes Are Available:

    Deluxe 4 (4 Players)

    Deluxe 6 (6 Players)

    Pro Series 8 (8 Players)

    Pro Series 10 (10 Players)

    Pro Series 12 (12 Players) 

    W Pro Series 24 (24 Players)

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