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Jukebox Karaoke

Jukebox Karaoke
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Pick a number from the book and get ready to sing with Jukebox Karaoke!
    Already loaded with thousands of songs in multiple languages.
    Coin operated or free play. (1 coin 1 song, 1 coin 2 songs, 2 coin 1 song, 3 coin 1 song)
    Can play Karaoke Songs, Music Videos, Jukebox Music, and more.
    3000 MP3 songs for jukebox music or sing with no lyrics (with our without the voice)
    Change tempos and more at a push of a button.
    Customer friendly - Easy to use            320gb hard drive
    8 Background Styles vary but may include sports, MTV, 3D, animals, sexy & more! 
    Great for Rentals, Restaurants, Arcades, Bars and more.
     TV monitor not included and not supplied