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6' Amazing Maze

6' Amazing Maze
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    The Amazing Maze Inflatable is fun for all ages. Try to make your way through our maze and have a great time trying. Use the Amazing Maze Inflatable Game on the midway as an attraction or as a treasure hunt for a town event by placing candy in the maze at different parts. Or use the maze with some fun Halloween characters in it to theme it as well. There are many ways to have fun with our mazes. You’ll be “a-maze-d”!

    Our 2012 Models now have the entrance and exit in the front (this is a design change) to make the unit controlled by only one attendant instead of two. No watching the back to make sure people do not sneak in as well. We can make custom mazes but our most popular sizes are listed here. Custom Inflatables are available but will take extra time as we need to make new patterns and engineering but there is no extra charge for this. Looking to have a theme? Just let us know. We can add pictures inside (digital print, silk screen or paint).

    40' W x 40' D x 6' H

    Available Sizes:

    30' W x 30' D x 4'9" H

    40' W x 40' D x 7' H